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Cloud-based monitoring is a huge financial savings over on-premise monitoring, and Fotis Networks has partnered with LogicMonitor, the leading and highly-regarded SaaS-based performance monitoring platform for Enterprise IT. Not only does LogicMonitor enable easy-to-collect data across your entire IT stack (servers, storage, virtualization, networks, and applications), it also offers monitoring of public cloud computing services such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, including automated discovery of your organization’s entire cloud environment through dashboards that can be used to troubleshoot issues.

As a certified service provider of LogicMonitor, Fotis Networks offers LogicMonitor professional services, including reviewing and selecting the products, solution and support that meets your business IT objectives, and overseeing the installation, deployment, configuration, device discovery and monitoring of the LogicMonitor system. There is one tool and one dashboard for powerful reporting, forecasting and capacity trending, instead of multiple tools and multiple dashboards.

Beyond cost savings, LogicMonitor has enormous advantages in monitoring and improving the performance of your infrastructure and networks:

  • Provides powerful reporting, forecasting and capacity trending tools

  • Speeds troubleshooting, with alert escalations and predictive tools to catch issues before they cause outages

  • Monitors thousands of data points

  • Includes hundreds of pre-built logic modules, making it easy to generate dashboards with graphs and alerts for every type of device and technology in your stack

  • Can be customized for organization-specific graphics and correlations

  • Provides executive-level dashboards for distribution

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